Friday, May 24, 2019

The Gift of Tongues Reprinted in Paperback

One of the highest rated BOOKS ON TONGUES has now been updated and reprinted through Amazon's KDP department.

The Gift of Tongues
The Gift of Tongues

Readers' reviews of this little book by Christians who are open to the present day operation of the Spiritual gifts speak for themselves!

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More than a Bible study, The Gift of Tongues gives practical and personal guidance - answering questions that too often go unasked

The author covers various views on the gift of tongues and briefly addresses the Cessation Theory. Topics include: the purposes of tongues, use of tongues in church and in private, the nature and value of tongues to the church and to the individual, and how to revive a church in which the gifts have dwindled.

Quotes:“Is it any wonder that the principalities of darkness are rising up and overpowering the floundering church of North America? Our mighty weapons in Christ have been cast aside for the rocks and clubs of mere human ability - natural instead of supernatural, but predictable and logical, and conveniently taught in seminary.”

“Christianity is nothing more than religion when it ceases to be supernatural!”

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