Reclaiming the Rapture

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RECLAIMING THE RAPTURE: Restoring the Doctrine of the Gathering on the Commonwealth of Israel

Another Fall rapture frenzy will carry prophecy watchers through what has become an annual roller-coaster ride of emotions. Can these life rending cycles of prophetic expectation be what Christ had in mind when He told His disciples to “watch?” 
Authors Douglas Hamp and Chris Steinle have discovered a healthier view of the rapture based on extensive Bible prophecy and a literal interpretation of the Scriptures. It's time to rethink the timing and purpose of the rapture. The rapture was prophesied from Genesis to Revelation. Why have dozens of rapture prophecies been overlooked by mainstream theology? Explore the ancient texts and discover God's clear and consistent revelation of end time events.
End-times Bible prophecy is like a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle partially done. Many godly people have come before us and have spent a great deal of effort establishing the borders of the puzzle. Parts of the faces and the landscape are taking form, yet without the box cover showing the finished product, no one really knows how it ought to look entirely assembled. The timing of the rapture is a puzzle-piece incorrectly placed. Many times, teachers will begin with the assumption that the timing of the rapture is fixed and non-negotiable. They then demand that the rest of the end times scenario fit that assumption.

*Explore dozens of verses that clearly state the timing of the rapture.  
*Understand the logic behind Paul's eschatology.    
*Learn why God's indignation, the rapture, and the Second Coming are all part of the Day of the Lord.  
*Enjoy dramatic vignettes from the Millennium Chronicles that bring Bible prophecies to life.  
*Consider the connection between the rapture and the promised redemption of the body.  
*Discover God's plan to gather the Commonwealth of Israel, and how the Gathering applies to the Church.  
*See why Paul insisted the dead must rise before the rapture.  
*Know the biblical signs that will precede the return of Jesus.  
*Includes four charts and three vignettes to showcase the authors' conclusions.  
Follow Douglas Hamp and Chris Steinle on their quest to solve the Bible's end time rapture puzzle.

Reclaiming the Rapture Kindle Edition
About the Authors

Douglas Hamp earned his M.A. in the Bible and its World from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his PhD in Biblical Studies from Louisiana Baptist University. He is the author of numerous books, articles, & DVDs and has appeared on national and international programs. He is senior pastor of the Way Congregation in Wheat Ridge, CO.

He served as an assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for six years, where he lectured and developed curriculum at the School of Ministry, Spanish School of Ministry and Calvary Chapel Bible College Graduate School. He is the author of Discovering the Language of Jesus, The First Six Days Corrupting the Image, and the Millennium Chronicles. He lectures frequently on biblical languages, creationism and End-Times Bible Prophecy in the United States and internationally in English and Spanish. His linguistic insights have made him a sought after speaker at conferences with thousands in attendance as well as a guest on radio shows with millions of listeners such as Coast to Coast and Southwest Radio and TV such as Prophecy in the News.

Chris is a recognized Bible prophecy commentator as a guest and co-host on alternative media. C.W. Steinle began his professional career as a CPA because of his knack for organizing information. Many Christian theologians and prophecy scholars have backgrounds in law, accounting, and business. For Christians who believe the Bible to be God-breathed, the ability to gather information and draw correlations is crucial for rightly dividing the Word of God.

Driven by the passion to understand Paul the Apostle's life and ministry, Steinle has followed in the footsteps of Paul, by land and by sea - along the old Roman highways and by ship throughout the northern Mediterranean. C.W. has taught on location in Israel, Philippi, Thessaloniki, Corinth, Athens, and Egypt.
Introduction: What’s Wrong with This Picture?
1... “Where’s the Beef?” and “Where’s the Verse?”
“Where’s the Beef?”
Look a Distraction!
The Intimidating List
Where is the Pre-Tribulation Rapture?
2... Coming Like a Thief in the Night
The Thief in the Night in Second Peter
3... The Day of the Lord is the Second Coming
Events Before the Day of the Lord
4... The Return of Jesus - Vignette
5... Unwinding Common Pre-Trib Assumptions
Who Is Returning from Heaven with Jesus?
What about the Church of Philadelphia?
Will Christians Experience God’s Wrath?
The Mystical Meta Tauta
6... The Unmysterious Timing of the Rapture
Isaiah 26:19-21 Resurrection/Rapture/Second Coming
The Rapture (Gathering and Hiding Away)
7... Unmysterious Rapture Timing Verses
Verses Affirming the Resurrection
Rapture/Gathering Verses
Resurrection/Gathering at Christ’s Coming
Resurrection Before the Rapture/Gathering
Resurrection/Gathering at Last Trumpet/End of Days
Resurrection and Indignation/Judgment on the Nations
8... First Century Expectations of the End of the Age
The Hope of the Pharisees
The Afterlife in Modern Jewish Thought
Christian Belief in the Resurrection
9... Revelation is Thematic - Not Chronological
All the Mountains and Islands Flee Away
Angels are Stars
“And” versus “Then” in Revelation
10. Paul’s Two Scheme Dimensional System
Schemes, Forms, and Appearances
Power, Resurrection, and Subjection
The Rapture in Technical Terms
11.. The Veil Between Heaven and Earth
When Do the Heavens Pass Away?
Heaven and Earth Fled Away
There is a Veil Between Heaven and Earth
The Two Veils
We Are Like the Boy in the Bubble
Adam and the Adamáh
12. The Veil -Vignette
13. Reclaiming the 1st Thessalonians Rapture Narrative
The Coming of the Lord
Translating the Rapture Verse
What’s Up with “Caught Up”?
Where Do We Go from Here?
14. Tree of Life - New Body Transformation Vignette
15. Christ’s Last Enemy and the Rapture
Why the Lord Tarries
Then Comes the End
Daniel and the Thessalonians Connection
16. Putting It All Together: What Happens
          on the Day of the Second Coming
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