The Gift of Tongues


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Newly revised in 2018. The Gift of Tongues is a concise reference to one of the most mysterious practices of the Christian faith. The definition, description, and uses of tongues are each explained, giving biblical references. The author covers various views on the gift of tongues and briefly discusses the Cessation Theory. Topics include: the purposes of tongues, use of tongues in church and in private, the nature and value of tongues to the church and to the individual, and how to revive a church in which the gifts have dwindled.

More than a Bible study- The Gift of Tongues gives practical and personal guidance, answering many of the questions that frequently go unasked.

“Is it any wonder that the principalities of darkness are rising up and overpowering the floundering church of North America? Our mighty weapons in Christ have been cast aside for the rocks and clubs of mere human ability - natural instead of supernatural, but predictable and logical, and conveniently taught in seminary.”

“Christianity is nothing more than religion when it ceases to be supernatural!”

[Author's Note: Teaching a class on the gifts of the Spirit for the last eleven years has convinced me that the gift of tongues is one of the most emotionally charged subjects in the Bible. My classes on the gifts are always robust with questions and comments - and occasional funny looks - and blank stares. But I am nonetheless persuaded that the spiritual gifts mentioned by name in the Bible belong to the body of foundational truths. Truths that every Christian needs to understand.

One of my favorite ice breakers at the beginning of a new session is to ask a series of “Would it be biblical?” questions. Seldom do the students get these questions right. Usually, it becomes obvious right away that most of students in the class haven't studied the Bible's full counsel on tongues for themselves. Many of the students do however already have some bias as to whether tongues are truly holy or not.

Now that I have assembled more observations about the gift of tongues than I can teach during a one hour course, it seems appropriate to write this little book. Our goal will be to discover what the Bible says regarding this gift; encouraging what God commends, while acknowledging the New Testament guidelines to ensure decency and order. I must confess from the onset that I am biased by my understanding of the Scriptures and by my own personal experience. I will, admittedly, add my own take, and a few extra-biblical examples to convey my personal conclusions.

I hope you will find this study to be fresh and informative as we take a closer look at this mysterious gift.] end excerpt

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