Friday, July 7, 2017

Upcoming Release: Reclaiming the Rapture: Restoring the Doctrine of the Gathering of the Commonwealth of Israel

Reclaiming the Rapture to be released in paperback and ebook on August 1st, 2017

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Reclaiming the Rapture
Reclaiming the Rapture by Douglas Hamp & Chris Steinle

  Reclaiming the Rapture is based on decades of Scriptural study by both authors and will retail for $4.99 based on the depth of research required for such a thorough exploration of the rapture/gathering. Pre-order the Kindle version now till the release date on August 1st, 2017 for only $2.99 and save 40%. Amazon will deliver the ebook automatically to your Kindle account on 8/1. Both authors will be speaking about this book during the upcoming Denver Prophecy Summit. Registration for the conference is free (see below). By pre-ordering Reclaiming the Rapture you will be the first to have access to groundbreaking new information about the Rapture and the Gathering of Israel. Click the cover image for more details at Amazon.

Two former Pre-Trib pastors share what the Bible really says about the rapture. 

Does the popular Pre-Tribulation rapture story fit into the Bible’s larger end time puzzle? Authors Douglas Hamp and Chris Steinle believe it’s time to rethink the timing and purpose of the rapture. The rapture was prophesied from Genesis to Revelation. Why have these prophecies been overlooked by mainstream theology? If the Church must be removed for God to deal with the Jews, why did Paul consider Gentile Christians as fellow citizens in the Commonwealth of Israel? Will God divide the kingdom that Jesus died to unite? Or will the gathering include the entire Household of God? Follow Douglas Hamp and Chris Steinle on their quest to solve the Bible’s end time picture puzzle. It’s time to reclaim God’s original intent for the rapture.
  • Discover God’s plan to reunite the two houses of Israel, and how the gathering applies to the Church.
  • Explore dozens of verses that clearly state the timing of the rapture.
  • Understand the logic behind Paul’s eschatology.
  • Learn why God’s indignation, the rapture, and the Second Coming are all part of the Day of the Lord.
  • Enjoy dramatic vignettes from the Millennium Chronicles that bring Bible prophecies to life.
  • Consider the connection between the rapture and the promised redemption of the body.
  • See why Paul insisted the dead must rise before the rapture.
  • Know the biblical signs that will precede the return of Jesus.

 Pre-order announcement will follow later this week.